Anyone in going to the Robstown Cemetery within the last week might have noticed a new flagpole with the American flag flying from it. During his own visit to the cemetery, Joe Ocanas decided that it was a necessity in order to honor the African Americans who had served our country and were buried in Robstown. Ocanas then decided to put up a flagpole with an American flag in the Banquete Cemetery.

“I'm not looking for any recognition, I'm just doing it from the bottom of my heart. The black cemetery is sort of an abandoned cemetery except for a few individuals that keep it for their family members,” said Ocanas, who has paid for the flags and poles out of his own pocket.

As the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus in Robstown, Ocanas is used to giving his time and efforts for others without any expectation of repayment or recognition. He stated that he believes that putting the flagpoles in the cemeteries falls right in line with the all of the other charitable works.

Ocanas plans to keep on putting flags in the other cemeteries around Nueces County. “It's really something that I feel that's just like charity and the principles of the Knights of Columbus and I like it. I like doing it and as long as I am able to I will continue to do.”