It has become a little easier to think what standing on the deck of an early naval vessel may have been like for cadets from the NJROTC unit at Tuloso-Midway. The students are now able to stand beside a historic ship’s wheel loaned to the unit by the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, DC. Although the exact US Navy ship that the wheel came from is not known, the cadets enjoy imaging themselves sailing the high seas at the helm of an old Navy war ship.

Founded as the Continental Navy in 1775, the US Navy was decommissioned after the end of the revolutionary war. The Navy was permanently relaunched in 1797 with the purpose of fighting pirates and defending against foreign enemies for the sake of our county's freedoms.

“We are very proud to display this artifact. It took about 6 months to coordinate the delivery of the wheel but with the help of the dedicated professionals at the Historical Command, we were able to obtain this valuable piece of US Naval history to complement our unit”, said LCDR Joe Harmon.