Mention his name anywhere in Robstown and more than likely someone will have a story to tell about him. Coach Steve Castro Sr. spent 28 years of his life teaching students at Robstown High School about baseball and life. Castro's life and legacy were honored Thursday morning with a bronze plaque donated to the Robstown Area History Museum.

His is a legacy of several winning seasons including two back to back state championships in the early nineties. Yet several consider the biggest indicator of his successes are the hearts and minds of everyone who looked up to him. “He impacted the youth of Robstown in having a vision and believing they were able to accomplish goals and make it a reality.” Phyllis Castro used these words to describe her late husband of 41 years. “He drilled youngsters in realizing that there were no obstacles and that nothing is impossible if you work for it.”

According to Phyllis, the coach is still smiling down on their family and the town that he loved. “He was a devout catholic and had a strong belief in God. Because of his faith he always had that vision that if you dream it and believe it, you can achieve it.”

The bronze plaque has a three dimensional relief image of the coach based on a photo that was taken of him during a practice. Funding for the plaque was made possible through the efforts of Arnold Cantu and the rest of the Robstown High School Alumni Association. Cantu and other association members pitched in and also received donations from friends, family, and former students and faculty that worked or were influenced by Castro. “It started nine months ago and we had no idea that the school board was going to rename the baseball field after him. We wouldn't have done it without the efforts and support of the community,” said Cantu. “All of their donations and contributions made it possible.”

Cantu and the rest of the alumni association would now like to create a scholarship fund in Coach Castro's name. “We'd like to call it the Steve Castro Academic Athlete of the Year,” said Cantu. “Hopefully with a lot of hard work and luck we can get it done. It would be created by a board made up of alumni, school board members, and members of the public but first we need to work out the details and be 100 percent transparent.”

The plaque is one more reminder of the efforts of one man and the legacy left in the hearts of the city of Robstown. Anyone wishing to see the plaque may view it in the Steve Castro area of the Robstown Area Historical Museum located at 201 E Main Street in Robstown. Museum hours are every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and the first Saturday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.