The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA) along with the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County hope to increase voters at the polls during early voting and Election Day by waiving bus fees.

Nueces County residents who are heading out for early voting from October 24 through November 4 can grab a free ride with a valid voter registration card. The CCRTA will also offer free rides to everyone on November 8th for Election Day.

This service comes to you curtesy of CCRTA and Nueces County with the goal to help increase the amount of voters during early voting and on Election Day.

“This service benefits everyone in the community; especially those who might not have the means of transportation to go vote. We are investing in our voter and therefore investing in the community, we want to recognize and reward participants with a free ride to exercise their right to vote,” said CEO Jorge Cruz-Aedo.

The CCRTA has been known to generously donate their services to assist various non- profit organizations as well as for some of the large community events in town for park and rides. This donation to the city and county from the CCRTA is approximately $50,000.

Other cities and transit organizations have been known to partner together to offer residents this hassle free and worry free service.

“We believe nothing should hinder the right to vote and are happy to provide this service to the community,” said Kelly Coughlin, Marketing Director at CCRTA.

Map your ride with TransLoc Rider or Google Maps by noting your starting location to you destination polling place. For more information on finding your nearest voting center you can check our website at