Francisco Mungia plead guilty Wednesday morning for the 2014 murder of Manuel Alfaro Jr. and was sentenced to eight years in a Texas prison.

The 68-year-old stood in front of Judge J. Manuel Banales with his attorney, Sam Fugate by his side to face one count of murder and one count of tempering with evidence for cleaning up the murder scene on the 700 block of Laurel Street.

The District Attorney's Office and Mungia's attorney settled on a plea agreement which stated if Mungia plead guilty on the murder charge the tampering with evidence charge and any other charges Mungia faced that did not relate to the murder would be dismissed.

Alfaro's brother, Fermin Alfaro and father, Manuel Alfaro Sr. took the stand during the victim impact statement. Both men said they forgave Mungia for the hurt and pain he caused their family for the death of the family member.

Back in 2014, Alice Police Department received a call just before 2 p.m. from a man who was hard to understand. Dispatch relayed that they thought the man said someone was inside his home.

Officers pulled up to the beige house to find Mungia outside his home. Mungia told the officer that someone was inside his home. 

The officers made a entry into the residence and found Manuel Alfaro Jr. dead in the living room from at least one gunshot wound.

According to District Attorney Carlos Garcia, Mungia will have to serve at least half (four years) of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Garcia believes the sentence would help bring some closure to the victim's family.

With a single wave, Mungia said good-bye to his wife and children before Jim Wells County sheriff deputies took him into custody.