The Alice Police Department is reaping the benefits of a traffic stop from more than a year ago that resulted in a seizure of more than $1 million.

Police Chief Rex Ramon was recently notified that his department received a wire transfer of $201,000 into their drug forfeiture fund.

Back in August 2015, the police department assisted US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) out of Corpus Christi with a money laundering operation that passed through the City of Alice.

"I, personally, like to thank Corpus Christi ICE. I worked 10 years of my law enforcement career in narcotics," Ramon said. "I've built contacts over the years that are assisting Alice PD in any way possible and this is one."

Cpl. Julian Cavazos conducted a routine traffic stop on a semi truck at the intersection of Cecilia and Cameron. The officer made contact with the driver, Francisco Javier Salazar of Pharr, Texas.

Through the roadside interview, Cavazos learned the driver had three duffle bags filled with cash, a total of $1,358,540.

ICE seized the cash and went through the court system before they were allowed to disperse the monies with several agencies that assisted with the seizure.

According to Ramon, the money will be used to purchases at least five units for patrol and the Criminal Investigative Division (CID). Any money left after from the purchase of the vehicles will be used on officer training and other needs.

"With the drug money we're going to buy some vehicle for the police department. We're going to make transfers, buy one or two new units for patrol, try to retire the older ones and buy come CID cars also," Ramon stated. "Some of the units have more than 160,000 miles on them not including the wear and tear of running the units daily."