During Calallen Wildcat's football game on Oct. 28, the Homecoming King and Queen were crowned.

This year's top royalty are Queen Ellie Tilton and King Bailey Ayers.

Many were nominated through their respective club or organization and voted through the student body.

Class Duchess and Dukes Homecoming Court

Representing the Freshmen/ Class of 2020

Duchess Reagan Brunkenhoeffer, daughter of Amy and Wilbur Brunkenhoeffer is escorted by Riggs Barrett, son of Tracey Barrett and Brian Barrett 

Representing the Sophomores/ Class of 2019

Duchess Olivia Tilton, daughter of Julie and Scott Tilton Is escorted by A.J. (Alex) Brown, son Amy and Phillip Brown

Representing the Juniors /Class of 2018

Duchess Brooke Barrington, daughter of Missy and Bryan Barrington Is escorted by Josh Salazar, son of Patricia Salazar 


Duchess Victoria Gonzalez, daughter of Selma Gonzalez Is escorted Bailey Ayers, son of Margo and Michael Ayers

Duchess Melissa Lopez, daughter of Ricarda & Luciano Lopez Is escorted by Matt Noe, son of Shannon Broughton and Charles Noe

Duchess Ellie Tilton, daughter of Julie and Scott Tilton Is escorted by A.J. Olvera, son of Glenda and Robert Huerta

2016 Homecoming nominees

Calallen Charter School

Yasmine Gomez, daughter of Eliza Leal

Jereminah Davila, son of Israel and Eunice Davila

Student Council

Allison LaStrapes, daughter of Lynn and Craig LaStrapes

Muhummed Zeb, son of Ayesa and Muhummed Zeb

CWN (Calallen Wildcat News)

Gracia Wernig, daughter of Gina and Jeremy Wernig

Mason Kautz, son of Michelle Kautz

Representing Special Olympics

Lauren Main, daughter of Ellis Main and the late Amy Main

Tyler Leal, son of Stephany and Edward Leal

Meet in the Middle

Hailey Garcia, daughter of Maria and Arnold Garcia

Jace Lightfoot, son of Debrena Lightfoot


Mercedes Gonzales, daughter of Jessica & Juan Buentello

Cameron Francis, son of Audrey McCauley & Cullen Frances

HOSA, Health Occupation Student Association

Alexandra Douglas, daughter of Michael and Leticia Douglas

William Fairchild, son of Joyce and Billy Fairchild 


Annie Tran, daughter of Anna Tran

Jackson Lanem, son of Marc and Jennifer Lanem

Spanish National Honor Society

Randi Garcia, daughter of Eva and Tino Garica

TJ Wahlen, son of Malynn and Michael Wahlen


Mackenzie Arnold, daughter of Tish and Jonathan Arnold


Caroline Harris, daughter of Karen and John Harris

Noah Carrion, son of Janie Ramos and Jesus Carrion


Nicole Oliver, daughter of Alva and Charles Oliver


Kelyn Allen, daughter of James and Kevinette Johnson

Jacob DeLos Santos, son of Lorraine & Gilbert DeLos Santo

Cross Country

Victoria Morin, daughter of Arnold and Debra Morin

Austin Flores, son of Leroy and Coreen Flores


Kaitlynn Grigg, daughter of Kim and Chad Grigg

Rayce Deal, grandson of Sandra and Robert Keys 


Keixa Lopez, daughter of Saida and Franco Ramirez

Jared Hunt, son of Lisa and Jeff Hunt 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Caroline Unterbrink, daughter of Rachel and Bryan Unterbrink

Robert Dwyer, son of Brooke and Tim Dwyer

Salsa Club

Alexis Portillo-Davis, daughter of Crystal and Phillip Franks

Jordan Franks, son of Crystal and Phillip Franks


Haley Castro, daughter of Lori and David Castro

Michael Raiborn, son of Amanda and Michael Raiborn


Alejandra Herrada, daughter of Maribel and Gary Herrada

Damien Wells, son of Amanda and Cody Rokohl


Kylie Long, daughter of Cole Long

Jared Perez, son of Gina and Adam Perez


Chelsea Wechsler, daughter of Patsy Jimenez, and Richard Wechsler

Austin Ochoa, son of Eliza and Steven Ochoa

National Honor Society

Brooklyn Bowden, daughter of Curt and Misty Bowden

Cameron Cardona, son of Rey and Melissa Cardona


Tiyanna King, daughter of Marilyn King

Gabriel Cantu, son of Miranda Morales


Matilda Sordia, daughter of Shawn Bohanan and Jimmy Sordia

Sean Garza, son of Christine and Michael Garza


Kara Sanchez, daughter of Paul and Eliza Sanchez

Roland Gonzalez, son of Juanita Martinez and Rolando Gonzalez 


Lilly Wuneburger, daughter of Joanne and James Wuneburger

James Walker, son of Diana and Mark Walker


Bailee Saenz, daughter of Shelby and Dennis DeReese

Max Valdez, son of Roy and Paige Valdez


Taylor Wiggins, daughter of Christy and Gary Wiggins

Marcus Garcia, son of Veronica and Marcus Garcia

Interact Club

Myrah Pena, daughter of Albert and Sandra Pena

And Ivan Alvarez, son of Trey and Ivan Alvarez


Lauren Gonzalez, daughter of Selma Gonzalez

Cordell Lovett, son of Rosemary Rosebrook and Herschel Lovett