AUSTIN – Each year, State Representative Ryan Guillen hosts a mock legislative session for students in his district. On Nov. 14, 2016, Guillen will be hosting his 13th Student Legislative Session, after months of diligent preparation.

“With nearly 30 high schools and 198 students expected to participate, planning this event takes months of careful coordination between our office and the students, the schools, and the administrative offices at the Capitol,” said Guillen, when asked about preparing for such an event. “In the end, it’s all well worth it… our students leave Austin with a unique experience and an insiders’ perspective of how state government functions.”

After his first session as a State Representative, Guillen was inspired to create an event with the intention of educating high school students about how the legislature worked. The inspiration came when he realized that although he had learned about state government when he was in school, he had little insight on the inner workings until he took office. That realization, coupled with his previous experience as a teacher, led Guillen to his mission of providing students an in-depth look at the functions of state government in the very place where Texas' greatest legislation is created.

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