A night of Tejano music, Tejano artists, musicians and many others who played key roles in the rise and popularity of Tejano music.

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame inducted approximately 80 individuals on Saturday, Jan. 7.

The 17th Annual Noche de Fiesta Tejana kicked off with a dance on Friday night at the Jim Wells County Fairgrounds.

Two men were honored in the Favorite Son of Alice category. Luis Perez and Manuel Contreras were honored for their contributions during the Induction Ceremony at the Veteran's of Foreign War Hall.

Perez started his career in 1974 playing the accordion and other instruments including bass and bajo. The first group he played with was “Las Estrelliats.” In 1975, he played with “Los Camaradas” and later he started a group call “Los Gitanos” and Conjunto Animo.” Perez has played with various groups and musicians, including Ruben Naranjo and Lorenzo Hernandez, throughout his musical career.

“It's awesome to be recognized for the hard work we put in. We, and I mean all of us, appreciate what has been done for us tonight and every yea,” Perez said. “The Tejano culture runs through my veins. We play because we love the music and its roots.”

Contreras started his music career singing with Beve Ordones y Los Camarades from 1977 through 1979. In 1978, they won Best Conjunto of the Year. In 1980, he moved back to Alice from Jefferson, Oregon and sang with Joe Mejia y su Conjunto. Later he joined Adan Ramirez y Sus Compadres.

Due to Contreras passing in November 2001 his sister, San Juanita Cabrera and his son, Manuel Contreras Jr. accepted the Favorite Son of Alice award on his behalf.

As the night progressed artists and musicians climbed the stairs to receive their distinguished award.

This year the ceremony honored the late Javier Villanueva and the late Tony Morris. Both were founders of Tejano ROOTS. Morris was a former publisher for Alice Echo-News Journal.

2016 Inductees this year were:

Favorite Son of Alice

1.Luis Perez

2. Manuel Contreras


1. Pete Vasquez

2. Robert "Bobby" Lopez

3. Bob Prado

4. Mando San Roman

5. Tony Jaramillo

Conjunto Tradicional

JJ Y Los Centellas

1. Tony Vasquez

2. Chuy Vasquez

3. Juan Jose Guardiana

4. Andy Deleon

5. Freddy Tellez

Progressive Band

Lobo IV

1. Alex Delgado

2. Paul Guzman

3. Fabian Maltos

4. David Lopez

Male Entertainer

1. Tony Guerrero

2. Gabe Lopez

3. Emilio Guerrero

Female Entertainer

1. Tejano Roze

The Joe Lozano "Este Lunes" Award Promoter

1. Henry Gonzalez Jr.

2. Mary Flores Gonzalez

Javier "JV" Villanueva Lifetime Achievement Award

1. David Kent Pierce Biondi

Pioneer Tejano Award

Escamilla Brothers

1. Hector Escamilla

2. Mario Escamilla

3. Joe Esmamilla

4. Ramiro Escamilla

5. Ruben Escamilla

2. Ramon Ayala

3. Cornelio Reyna

Million Dollar Band


1. Johnny Perez Jr.

2. Rolando Garza

3. Joe Luis Ortiz

4. Orlando J. Herrera

5. Armando "Mandy" Aguilar

6. Miguel Flores Jr.

7. Rudy De La Rosa

8. Hector Saenz


1.Robert Ybarra

2. Gustavo Trevino

3. Rudy Campos

4. Roberto Garibaldo Trevino

5. Israel Cantu

6. Gilberto Rodriguez

7. Roberto Martinez

Bajo Sexto

1.Adan De La Rosa III

2. Reynaldo Longoria III

Bass Guitar

1. Jesse "Coco" Torres Sr.

2. Jaime "Jimmy" Cano

3. Ricky De La Rosa Jr.

4. Ernest Munguia Sr.

5. Everardo Bee Garcia


1. Joel Torres

2. Alex Garibay

3. Luis Ayala

4. Raymond "Kama" Flores


1. Victor Clark Martinez

2. Jacob Torres

3. John Torres


1. Sam Luke Deleon

2. Rosendo "Sandy" Sanchez

3. Oscar Garcia


1. Encarnacion Jaime Ledesma "EJ"


1. Joe Argaiz

2. Oscar M. Herrera

3. Alex Rojo

4. Serapio Herrera


1. Raul Garcia Jr

2. Jaime Garza Jr

3. Arturo Gonzales

4. Jesse Flores Jr

5. Press Martinez

Greg Paredez Bajo Sexto Award

1. Lupe Guzman

Sound Engineer

1. Anselmo "Chemo" Barrera

2. Edward Salinas

3. Daniel Garcia

Amadeo Flores Accordion Player Award

1. Danny Rodriguez

2. Adolfo "Rudy" Garcia

Armando Marroquin Sr. Historic Hall

1. Casa Blanca

Special Recognition Award

1. Manuel Lopez

2. Abel Salinas "DJ Daddy"

The event started in 1999 to preserve the music of South Texas and honor the individuals who created it.