Premont – The father of a seven week infant was put behind bars Tuesday and charged with physical injury to a child, according to Premont Police Chief Fernando Garcia.

Twenty-five-year-old Alec Garcia is accused of fracturing the femur of his daughter's left leg.

In December, Premont PD received a call from Driscoll Children's Hospital about the child's injury's and hospital' suspicions, Chief Garcia stated.

During the investigation, Alec admitted to police that he was watching his daughter so that her mother could go to work when the infant began to cry.

According to Chief Garcia, Alec went on the explain that the infant would not stop crying and he got frustrated.

Alec admitted to police that he is an avid marijuana user and had not smoked that day. He got frustrated and shoved the baby off the bed, Alec told police.

The mother was unaware of her daughter's incident and took her to a local hospital, according to police.

Chief Garcia believes there is more to Alec's story due to the infant's bruises and her injury.

Alec was booked into the Jim Wells County jail. As of Tuesday, he did not have a bond.