As of May 31, Nueces County Jail was listed as non-compliance with Texas Minimum Jail Standards as codified in the Texas Administrative Code.

Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspected the Nueces facility on March 30-31. The jail had only one discrepancy.

"During the review of facility rosters for intake cells, it was observed that inmates are routinely being held past the 48 hour time limit defined in minimum jail standards. The inspector reviewed samples from several months of documentation, the deficiency was consistently found. The overages ranged from one day to four days over the 48 hour limit," commented T.C.J.S. Inspector Philip Bosquez.

One or more holding cells shall be provided to hold inmates pending intake, processing, release, or other reason for temporary holding. Inmates shall not be held for more than 48 hours., comments said on the report.

Once a jail is back in compliance, the facility is removed from the list.