Alice artist Jesus Antonio Rosales is exhibiting his paintings at the Alice Public Library through Sept. 15.

"I have always had a deep passion for art from a very early age," Rosales said. "I started drawing from the newspaper comic strips. I enjoy painting, but dabble around at times with art styles and other media."

Rosales taught art for 15 years and retired to pursue his passion of creating art and comic books. He eared his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1996 at Texas A&M University - Kingsville along with a teacher certification for All-Level Art.

Rosales is influenced by symbolism and surrealism in his art.

"Though at times I am like a feather in the wind, when it comes to subject matter," he said. "My work is motivated from past life experiences, to dreams I have had, news events, historical and religious events of the past.

He said Alice artist Servando Hinojosa and Alice designer John Moore and Ricardo Beasley are local artist who he admires, who also critiqued his work in his early stage of his art development.

Currently, Rosales is working on his own comic "The Palm Evolution - The Story Begins."

Rosales' exhibit is on the west wall of the public library located at 401 E. Third St.