As Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas are assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey nearby counties are ready to assist.

The Alice Multi Use Complex was turned into a temporary staging area for first responders on Saturday. Ben Bolt, San Diego, Alice Fire Departments ready to lend their services to cities that endured substantial damage as the Category 4 Hurricane passed through them Friday evening.

According to Alice Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas, the facility is only for first responders who will be sent to disaster areas as needed.

As of Saturday, a strike team that consists of four firefighters from Alice FD, two firefighters from Ben Bolt FD, two firefighters from San Diego FD, one Alice fire truck and one San Diego fire truck have been sent to the necessary areas to assist. A strike team is a group of qualified personnel with the same training.

"It's the least we can do," Thomas stated. "We are very lucky not to be in their shoes, had we been they would've been ready to help us."

At this time, Rockport and Port Aransas officials are only asking for first responders and equipment they need to help in the triage stage.

No one is allowed to enter the facility unless a first responder. 

 Donations will be collected at a later date.