The Enrichment Committee of Saint Elizabeth School continued its mission of offering stimulating and challenging opportunities for students.

The recent partnership with Plains Capital Bank was a complete success.

Students engaged in an 8-week comprehensive financial literacy program. 

The goal was to provide children with valuable information about money, saving, and banking.

Abbie Salinas, a third grade student, said touring an old vault at the bank was interesting. 

"There was a toilet in the vault," she said laughing.

Student Abelino Benavides said he learned a thing or two.

"I filled out a deposit slip," he said grinning.

Designed to be educational, fun, and interactive, the program provided a solid foundation for every child to create a strong financial future.

“By participating in hands-on activities within real-world environments, students experience financial learning in a whole new way”, said Carolina Nisimblat, SES enrichment facilitator.

The lesson included a field trip visit to Plains Capital Bank on Friday, Nov. 17. Students had the opportunity to write a check, fill out a withdrawal and deposit slip. Tellers dispensed “play money” in exchange for their withdrawal slips.

When students make connections between the concepts in the classroom and concepts in the real world, their knowledge is expanded.

“It was a pleasure, joy and honor to teach the banking class at SES. I’m overwhelmed by the participation level and knowledge the children displayed over the 8-week course," said Plains Capital Bank President Mark Esparza. "The momentum they built on saving and budgeting was amazing."