The lack of rental housing in the Corpus Christi area is leading to a shortage of decent, safe and sanitary homes for 250-plus Hillcrest Residents eligible for relocation assistance.

Landlords attended a Special Event on Dec. 5, 5:30 at the Oveal Williams Senior Center, to learn more about how they can assist tenants and benefit from the Program.

Hillcrest tenants who elect to relocate or tenants whose landlords have decided to sell their property to the Port Authority of Corpus Christi will now be eligible for thousands of dollars to relocate to replacement housing. DRA, Inc will provide information and resources to properties owners on program benefits to landlords and relocation assistance payments to tenants. 

Many Hillcrest-Washington Coles tenants will receive enough money in relocation assistance to make a substantial down payment to purchase a home. If you are a property owner and are interested in helping a tenant become a first time homebuyer, please call DRA 361-232-5083 and or attend the Landlord Outreach Event.

This is an opportunity for the Corpus Christi landlord community to provide quality housing, receive fair compensation, and a long term tenant.