A traffic stop on Sunday evening, which resulted in a bailout, ended with the arrest of a felon with several warrants including burglary of a habitation.

Jason Cantu was arrested after the vehicle he was a passenger in was stopped for failure to signal on the 800 block of South Johnson Street.

When Alice Police Officer Roel Escamilla stopped the vehicle, Cantu jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to flee, police report stated. Cantu ran and hid inside a garage under a quilt. Escamilla spotted him and commanded him to the ground, but Cantu would not obey orders.

Escamilla stated in his report that he tased Cantu.

“Due to the confine space, I had no choice but to discharge my taser,” Escamilla wrote in the report. “After I discharged my taser, I saw Jason (Cantu) swinging his arms as he fell to the ground, which caused the prongs to disengage and preventing the full effect.”

Cantu then ran out of the garage towards South Johnson, where other officers were stationed, so he turned back and ran west, jumping a fence.

The search continued on the 600 block of Vicente Street with assistance from Jim Wells Sheriff deputies and Department of Public Safety troopers. The deputies were able to locate Cantu underneath a house. Several deputies crawled under the house and took Cantu into custody and taken to Jim Wells County jail.

On Nov. 25, Cantu was accused of forced entering an apartment on 123 Terrell and vandalizing it by breaking glass, kitchen table, and other items in the living room and destroying a vanity mirror and rummaging clothes throughout the apartment. Police stated in a report that the victim was ordering a protective order against the suspect. Damage was estimated more than $2,500.

Cantu was wanted on several warrants including burglary of a habitation with intent to commit other felony, evading arrest warrant, evading arrest with previous conviction, another count of resisting arrest and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle warrant. His total bond, set by Justice of Peace Kino Rodriguez, was set at 16,500.