For the Trevino family, all four siblings are competing in the Boer goat show at the 83rd Nueces County Junior Livestock Show this coming week, and for the oldest of the bunch, Edward Trevino II, the show is his last one.

His mother, Belinda Trevino, said Edward II looks like an average high school senior and never guess he is autistic.

“This is a special year for us,” she said. “We initially started showing 10 years ago to get Edward II to be more social.”

Since then, the Trevino family has embraced the livestock show and included the rest of the siblings.

Edward's brothers and sister who also show goats include Jared Trevino, 15, a sophomore at Robstown High School, Alexzander Trevino, 13, an eighth grade student at Seale Junior High School and Leila Trevino, 9, a student at Ortiz Intermediate School.

Belinda said Edward II was the NCJLS initial go-round with an autistic participant, which has opened doors for other autistic children in the area. She said at first it was a challenged, but every year they have learned from each experience.

“He has a shadow to assist him in the arena who follows him,” Belinda Trevino said. “Throughout the year, Edward has gotten better.”

Each of the Trevino siblings said they have learned to be more consistent and responsible after showing goats with help from their parents, Belinda and Edward Trevino.

Edward II, who enjoys Power Rangers, named his goat the Red Ranger.

“I like raising them and feeding them three times a day,” Edward said. “And we walk them around the house.”

Jared said he named his goat Lonzo because his favorite NBA player is Lonzo Ball with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Every year is different,” he said. “We make sure it's perfect in its weight.”

Alexzander, a third grade student and member of the Robstown 4-H, said he enjoys hanging out with his friends at the livestock show. He took first place in his division last year and earned a buckle.

“I've learned responsibility every day to take care of them.” he said.

Leila named her goat Jax and is following in her brothers footsteps.

The Trevinos will be weighing their goats at the Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds on Tuesday, Jan. 16 to find out what classification they will be competing in – light, medium or heavy. And on Wednesday, Jan. 17 at noon, the judging begins. Hundreds will be competing for first to 10th place and overall winners will be selected for Grand and Reserve Champs.

The Trevinos have advanced to auction off their goats almost each year. Money auction ranges from $300, up to $7,000 for Grand Champs.

The Livestock Show has helped Edward II become more active. His mother said he has many friends and volunteered as the water boy for the Robstown football team.

Edward II told his mother he may not compete anymore, but he plans on volunteering and being part of the Livestock Show.

“It has been challenging and as a parent, it makes me happy that the road is going to be better for Edward II,” Belinda Trevino said. “It's going to be a joyous tearful event, I'm going to be in tears.”