Claudio Domingo Barrera Jr. pled guilty to a charge of animal cruelty Monday in court.

Barrera, with his attorney present accepted a plea deal from the State that recommended a $500 fine, court costs of $274 and a conviction which can't be appealed.

Barrera was arrested in August of 2017 after Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Deputies removed a total of 25 Shih Tzu dogs from two of his properties in Ben Bolt. Investigators began the investigation when concerned citizens made complains.

The dogs were housed in a “chicken coops” with no adequate food or water. The dogs smelled of urine, had no bedding, and some adults dogs had mange on their faces. There were rusty nails sticking out of the aluminum siding and chicken wire kennel.

The dogs were taken to animal rescues groups in Corpus Christi.

Barrera will not serve any jail time.