Parents and students at Robstown Early College High School were in panic mode Tuesday due to a lockdown.

According to the Kelsey Cook, campus spokeswoman, the campus was placed on lockdown about 11:30 a.m. after a code red was issued. She said Robstown police were present and students were safe.

Victoria Rosas' brother attends the campus and had not been able to make contact with him. However, her cousin told her that three individuals were alleged to have weapons, but none were ever found.

When she was able to get a school official on the phone they told her everything was okay. Rosas' rushed to the school and saw police and state troopers rattling her nerves even more.

According to seniors Analeah Cantu and Martin Martinez, there friends told them they heard at least three shots fired and were very scared.

Cantu and Martinez had left the campus for a doctor's appointment, but as they returned to the campus they observed law enforcement and noticed the gates were locked.

"Which they never are," Martinez said.

"Our friends said the school told students there was a code blue, which is a medical emergency," Cantu stated. "But what we saw (outside) said otherwise. How can it be a code blue with cops in every direction."

Cantu called her grandmother and she also talked to her uncle who works with the district. Her uncle told her to get off campus.

The students were upset because their friends were inside and the school, they feel, is not always upfront with things that happen at the school.

"It's important that they tells us when these things are happening," Martinez said. "We have an open campus and anyone can go in at any time. Plus some of the (classroom) doors don't lock. Students actually have to put desks in front of them to secure them."

With all the school shooting that have occurred the students feel they need officials to provide more safety.

"Tell us the truth, we have rights," Martinez said. "There have been so many causalities already. This could've been much worse."

No weapons were ever found and the lockdown was lifted at approximately 12:45 p.m. Many parents and other family members of students rushed to pick up their students early.