It is amazing how much we take for granted, and most times we do not give it much thought. How did we become what we are?  Obviously, our parents had much to do with it but without the help from school teachers, our lives would be considerably different from who we are and what we have accomplished.

Recently, the newly created RISD Education Foundation awarded its first six (6) teacher mini-grants for a total of $5,000.  These awards were to deserving teachers who submitted proposals for innovative teaching projects aimed at enhancing the academic abilities of our students.  It was very uplifting to observe the teachers’ excitement and especially the excitement of their students as their teachers received the awards. 

It was a small first step for all of us, but now we must and are ready to do better to increase our awards and succeed in the Foundation’s Mission: to partner with the community to generate and distribute resources to enhance teaching, inspire learning, and maximize innovative opportunities for all students in the RISD in accordance with the District’s state mission.