Gloria Caram- Secondary Teacher of the Year

Gloria Caram is a Culinary Arts and Family Consumer Science Teacher at Robstown Early College High School. She has 37 years of teaching experience, with 25 of those years at Robstown ISD. She is an active member of the Texas Industrial Vocational Association and the Hospitality Educators Association of Texas. As a sponsor of Skills USA, Mrs. Caram prepares students for the ‘world of work’ and elaborates how rewarding it is when students tell her that they come to school because of her class. Mrs. Caram believes that her most significant contribution and accomplishment in education has been seeing her students accomplish their goals, while watching them walk the stage at graduation. She states that seeing the smiles on their faces, lets her know that she has made an impact in their lives, which is of utmost importance to her.

Rosalinda Lira- Elementary Teacher of the Year

Rosalinda Lira is a Physical Education Teacher at San Pedro Elementary. Brand new to Robstown ISD this year, Ms. Lira brought 10 years of teaching experience with her. She currently coaches Junior High Volleyball, Track, and 8th Grade Athletics. She is an active member of the Texas Girls’ Coaches Association and Texas Coaches Association. Just last month, she was the recipient of the Robstown ISD ‘Proud You’re a Picker’ Award for March. One of Ms. Lira’s proudest accomplishments in teaching with Robstown ISD, has been implementing programs at the elementary level, that have allowed students to develop healthier lifestyles. This includes a running club, “Running with the Knights”, a basketball program, “Dribblin’ Knights”, and a volleyball program, “The Spiking Knights”. Ms. Lira states her ‘energy level’ is the driving factor behind her educational philosophy. She elaborates that, every day, her ‘battery is charged’, so she is ready to bring students to a classroom full of lifelong skills needed to excel as a team member, an athlete, and a learner.