“You look good.” “Time has been kind to you.” “Has it really been 50 years?” “What was that teacher's name?” “Remember the time when we...”

These were just a few of the comments heard at the Flying L Ranch in Bandera on Saturday, April 21 at the RHS graduating class of 1968 celebrated its 50th reunion.

What originally was intended to be for one class ballooned to include 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970 and one member of the 1971 class. Approximately 75 people enjoyed visiting, snapping photos, reminiscing, renewing acquaintances, looking at annuals, and eating a catered barbecue dinner with all the trimmings. Tables were decorated with white cotton bolls and red ribbon while yearbooks were scattered around three cakes – chocolate cream and the traditional red and white confectionary. Near the entrance there was a commemorative 50th anniversary megaphone and pom-poms.

The event was spearheaded by Molly Bates with the help of Allen Pollard, Debbie Klosterman Daniels, Linda Nix Lawhon, Linda Balzer Lamere and Linda Kaye Wasson Davis. Some of the guests came from in town while others traveled across the state and nation to get to the Cowboy Capitol of the world to enjoy the Hill Country amenities. 

The weather, though doubtful at times, deterred no true Cotton Picker fan from attending. The crowd included former athletes, cheerleaders, pep-squad members, band members, class officers and current first vice president of the Texas Retired Teachers' Association Pat Macias. 

Squeals of delight, smiles and laughter were not in short supple. Large and small groups gathered as friends relived old times and took photos. Various classes took individual class shots and some did fanciful small group shots with hats, oversized glasses, beans and feather boas. Special thanks to Mary Pollard for her help in taking photographs. 

Before the meal, a prayer was said by Dewey Lawhon and Allen Pollard read the names of approximately 25 our of a class of 200 who had passed in the ensuing years since graduation. A side table held a red burlap cross with a stem of small cotton bolls and a lit candle “to the memory and honor of those who have gone before us.”

The affair scheduled for 3 to 9 p.m. Toward the end, a roar of laughter and hand clapping spread across the room as Hector Molina and his wife ran through the crowd wearing red Cotton Picker football jackets. And what reunion would be complete without a cheer of “Two Bits” led by Mary Wyscarver? That was followed by a rousing chorus of the Robstown Alma Mater led by Larry Tipton and Linda Balzer Lamere.

Then, as all good things must come to an end, “goodbyes” were said, phone numbers exchanged and misty-eyed Pickers reluctantly left with new memories of old friends. People “trickled out” to shouts of “See you for the 55th Reunion!” A few even followed Mary and Allen Pollard to their home down the road to continue the celebration. To quote an old fashioned journalist, 'A good time was had by all.' To quote a die-hard Cotton Picker, “Red and White Forever.”