With hurricane season on the horizon, and our region still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, you may be interested in how to handle a dispute with Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). There is an Appraisal Process available in these instances. Appraisal is the formal process for disputing the amount TWIA paid on the accepted portion of your claim.

Appraisal requests can be made in writing or by calling TWIA at 800-788-8247. Once TWIA receives your request for appraisal, you and TWIA each select a competent and independent appraiser to determine the amount of your loss. If the appraisers cannot agree on the amount of loss, they can select an independent umpire to make the final ruling. You will split the cost of the appraisal with TWIA.

There are extended appraisal deadlines for Harvey claims. The Texas Department of Insurance recently extended the deadline to 180 days for residential claims, and to 150 days for some commercial policies. You can request a 30-day deadline extension, if the request is made within 15 days prior to the appraisal deadline.

If your claim is within the 180-day deadline, requesting appraisal preserves your right to dispute your Harvey claim payment amount. TWIA can still take another look at your claim if you have requested appraisal to avoid the out of pocket costs required by the process. If you and TWIA are unable to resolve the dispute then the policyholder can proceed with the appraisal process. Once the deadline has expired you cannot dispute TWIA’s claim decision. For more information visit www.twia.org/claimscenter.