Crime Stoppers of South Texas and Falfurrias police have teamed up to re-introduce the Crime Stoppers program in Brooks County.

Many Falfurrias residents, who attended the town hall meeting, said they are fed up with crime, gang activities and want to take their town back from criminals.

A rash of burglaries and drugs have infiltrated the city of about 12,000 and law enforcement is not going to tolerate crime in their city.

Individuals have stepped up to volunteer on the Crime Stoppers board and others have even donated funds to the program. 

"Crime Stoppers of South Texas board is grateful for the overwhelming support and donations from Falfurrias residents," Crime Stoppers President Ofelia Hunter said. "By working together with Jim Wells County, we will make a dent in crime. I want to thank Police Chief Alberto Gonzalez and his assistant Eliza Gonzalez for reaching out to us."

About 70 people attended the town hall meeting held at Falfurrias High School cafeteria. Superintendent Dr. Casas said she supported the program because drugs are a serious problem. Department of Public Safety, Juvenile Probation officers also attended.

Guest speakers included Ofelia Hunter, who gave an overview of Crime Stoppers and the hotline number, R. David Valadez with the Alice Police Department, who spoke on Active Shooters, Eliza Gonzalez who gave tips on preventing burglaries, Investigator Margarito Perez with District Attorney's office talked on the successes of Crime Stoppers as a former Crime Stoppers coordinator and Brooks County Sheriff told those in attendance that he supported Crime Stoppers organization.

Falfurrias Police Chief Alberto Gonzalez said he plans on "Making Falfurrias Great."