Alice City County unanimously voted to wait on any modifications of the mobile food truck vendors ordinance.

Alice Wonderland food truck owner Victoria Dominguez was hoping the council would allow food truck owners to station themselves on the south side parking lot behind the city hall.

“I feel disheartening about it,” Dominguez said Thursday. “Like today, we can be parked there today...we just have to see where it goes.”

The ordinance in place, which was put together two years ago by the previous council administration, does not allow food truck vendors to stay in one location for more than 8 hours daily.

Councilman Pete Crisp said he wasn't against the idea of establishing a Food Truck Park, but wanted to work out the legalities and have staff modify the ordinance for a possible truck park. 

“We are saying let's get it right, I'm saying yes, but just not tonight,” Crisp said.

After about a 45 minutes discussing with the mayor urging the council to allow the truck vendors to park in city property, the council voted to table the items to allow more time for city staff to put together an ordinance to allow extended period for food trucks to park and possibly look into having them stationed at the Veterans Plaza Park on Alto Street instead of City Hall parking lot.

“Just asking council to show support for something new and different and bring diversity in our town and move us forward and not keep us stagnate,” Mayor Jolene Vanover said.

Dominguez said she has a list of about 40 food truck vendors she could rotate if the council gave her a location where the trucks could park without having to move from place to place.

“In my honest opinion, it's a way for them to tip-toe the issue,” she said. “I just don't understand.”

City Manager Michael Esparza suggested to council since no action was doing to take place instead table the items, so it can be placed on the agenda in a future council meeting. 

“Do we fight the city,” Dominguez said. “To me they are not opening the doors.”