Washington D.C. – Congressman Filemon Vela issued the following statement regarding the Trump Administration’s continued failure to reunite separated children with their families:

“As the deadline to reunite separated families has come and gone, the human cost of the Trump Administration’s actions is becoming even more apparent.  Those children who have been returned to their parents will face psychological scars that may never heal, and over 700 children, who entered this country with a family member, remain alone in shelters all over the country without a discernable plan to reunite them now, or ever.”

In recent weeks, Trump Administration officials peddled a false narrative claiming that many of the children entering the country were traveling, not with parents, but with human traffickers pretending to be parents in order to enter the country. As the facts have disproven this claim, it has become clear that the real threat to these children is posed by the Trump Administration itself.  With the parents of over 400 children deported while their sons and daughters continue to be held in US custody, the Trump Administration’s actions seem more and more like those of traffickers.

“Make no mistake, this is a crisis entirely of the Trump Administration’s own making, and there is no one to blame for the abuse of these children but the White House.  I have seen firsthand the impact of the hateful “zero tolerance” policy combined with incompetence and utter lack of accountability.  Our nation is better than this, and I will not stop until every child is reunited with their family.”