Meet Richard Gonzalez and Mary Helen Flores. They were selected as the Proud You're a Picker Award recipients, Robstown ISD's employee recognition program, for the month of August. Each employee was nominated for going above and beyond their job duties. They are pictured here with Interim Superintendent, Mr. Xavier Gonzalez. Below are a few excerpts from their nomination:

Mary Helen Flores, Robstown Early College High School- Clerk

Mrs. Flores is the epitome of who you want to welcome Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff and Visitors to Robstown Early College High School. She is always smiling and more importantly, welcomes all to Robstown ECHS. She makes it a point to know what’s going on and where everyone is at. She is the go to person for finding out what’s happening on campus. In addition, she knows the students and makes them feel at home when they walk through the front doors. Mrs. Flores represents the values and code of honor that is expected at Robstown ECHS. Mrs. Flores exhibits great characteristics of an awesome receptionist. She has very effective communication, she is professional, she can multitask, and she is organized. She is very humble but very deserving of the Proud You’re a Picker Award.

Richard Gonzalez, Technology Department- Director

If we could use only a few words to describe him, they'd be professional, dependable, and patient. But these are not just words, this person really and truly exhibits these qualities. It's not just something that you see once in a while, or every other day--it's really every single time you see him. If we ask for something, it's done with a smile. And when we need something, it's like he's read our mind and already has it taken care of.. it's like he's always one step ahead of the game. This summer, during our Leadership Retreat, we had a moment where we needed a piece of equipment. He had shared the day prior in true genuine fashion, "if you need anything just call me." We needed him. And it was that simple, he was the first person we called. He came to the rescue, brought the equipment, set it up, tested it... and wouldn't you guess it--it was all done with a smile. Without him, we wouldn't be as technologically savvy, we wouldn't be as efficient, and to be quite honest we just wouldn't be the same without him. We want Richard Gonzalez to know how much we're Proud to Call him a Picker.

These are just a few of the positive things that were submitted on each employees nomination form. Thank you for making us all #robstownproud. You three make the difference.