Find the coolest local Vendors at the Downtown Farmers' Market today!

Then chill out with us at our Local Food Producer Summer Day Workshop TOMORROW at the Del Mar Center for Economic Development. If you: Have a local food-based business Have ever thought about turning your love of gardening into a business Are a farmer in South Texas ready to sell directly from your farm or ranch to local customers, restaurants and grocery stores This is the day for you.  The Local Food Producer Summer Day Workshop only $5 for GROW Local South Texas Members and you can come and go to the sessions that interest you. Three great sessions lead by Texas Local food educators! 1. Farm and Food Safety: know the regulations required and how to safely provide your local community with products from your farm. 2. Resiliency for South Texas Growers: in one year in our region we have seen a hurricane, snow, drought, excessive heat and flooding. Find out how your local National Center for Appropriate Technology Educators can help you prepare for hard weather. 3. Direct to Consumer Marketing: Learn from a panel of local food and direct to consumer marketing pros! Find out exactly what it takes to take your business directly to the customer. Get started at our Summer Day Workshop!  Join us at The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers' Market TODAY and learn more! 
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The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers' Market Team GROW. ACCESS. EDUCATE. ADVOCATE.   A Cold Drink to Beat the Heat
written by Darrean Parker

As the summer wears on it seems as if the temperature outside keeps reaching an all-time high. If, like me, you’re looking for a good way to cool down and survive the dog days of summer, why not try stopping by any of these vendor booths the next time you’re at the Wednesdaynight’s Downtown Farmers’ Market. Located outside across from the food trucks and the live music, you’ll find the Lemon Shakers. These vendors serve up freshly made lemonade and limeade that is both sweet and refreshing. They also sell quenchers in a variety of flavors and flavor combinations, including orange, pineapple, watermelon and strawberry, and kiwi and strawberry. In addition, the Lemon Shakers can add in cut-up strawberries to any drink order. If you ask, they can also change the sugar level in your drink of choice. They will either add or subtract sugar to fit the customer’s taste and will even swap regular sugar out for Splenda. You can find the Lemon Shakers at market every week.

Another cold drink vendor you could try this week is The Vine Juice Company. A newer addition to the Downtown Farmers’ Market, The Vine offers cold-pressed juice in a variety of flavor combinations. The following fun titles are just some of the juices that are regularly brought to market.... Quench your need for refreshing insight here!

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