Benjamin Salinas III, a graduate of Alice High School Class of 2016, was reappointed as National communications social media director for the 2018-2019 College Democrats of America. The only appointee from the state of Texas.

“We want to continue the work we are doing,” he said. “We are excited to continue to progress...and boost energy to register students to vote.” 

Salinas currently attends Texas State University and is pursuing a degree in political science.

College Democrats of America (CDA) is the official youth outreach arm of the Democratic National Committee. It claims over 100,000 college and university student members in College Democrats chapters across the United States.

Salinas stated on his Facebook that “it is of the utmost importance that every voter is educated when heading to the polls no matter which candidate they are voting for, and that debating in front of an audience allows our parties to present our platforms and solutions for very important issues that are facing this country and help disprove any myths about either party and their stances.”

The College Democrats of America organization was founded in 1932 to further the election campaign of presidential nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt. On August 24, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his first of many radio addresses to the Young Democrats of America clubs.

Every year, the national organization of the CDA holds a national convention. These conventions include meetings for CDA's standing committees (like the constitution committee) and CDA's national caucuses (like the women's caucus) as well as the elections for CDA's National Executive Board. The convention also offers workshops on how to be effective in government and campaigning, and prominent speakers from the national Democratic party (previous speakers have included Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, members of Congress, and Cabinetmembers). The CDA convention that occurs on presidential election years is typically held in conjunction with the Democratic National Convention.