Five NJROTC senior cadets from Tuloso-Midway High School took their first steps to becoming US Marines on Saturday. The cadets joined 35 other high school seniors from the Corpus Christi, TX, area during the monthly physical training session hosted by the local USMC recruiters. All five cadets plan to join “The Corps” and attend boot camp together after graduation. This event was the first step toward reaching that goal. The cadets completed events such as a 1.5 mile run, ammo can lifting, sit ups, martial arts training, and pull ups. Although it was difficult, this training served as a motivating event to bolster the cadet’s self-confidence and physical condition. Cadet McKea Banda commented, “The Marines give you nothing. Every accomplishment must be earned. Today was a great starting point and we will only get better”.  

Pic #1: Five for The Corps!  (l-r) Cadets Mason Graham, Colby Cole, McKea Banda, Austin Avalos, and Peter Liedman

Pic #2: Cadet Colby Cole hoists a 35 pound ammo can.

Pic #3: Cadet Austin Avalos completes multiple pull ups.

Pic #4: Cadet Mason Graham was the first T-M cadet to cross the finish line during the 1.5 mile run.