Tejano music is often heard throughout South Texas especially in Alice who many refer to as “the birth place of Tejano music.” On Friday, Jan. 4, and Saturday, Jan. 5, many people as well as Tejano artists celebrated the 19th annual Noche De Fiesta Tejana.

The main attraction of the two-day event was the induction of approximately 75 people into the Class of 2018 Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame held at the Jim Wells County fairgrounds.

Among the inductees was Javier Rubio as the favorite son of Alice.

Rubio started hearing conjunto music at a very young age. His dad influenced his music career. By the age of 14, Rubio started playing professionally with a group called Texas Hillbillies, a county group. Later, he played with Alfredo De La Rosa and by the age of 20 he was playing with Ricky De La Rosa. Years passed and Rubio joined artists like Rene Joslin y Los Favoritos. Currently, Rubio performs with Ted Lopez y Su Conjunto.

Rubio was one of the first artists of the night to accept his award. He thanked his father, family, friends and fellow musicians for their continued support over the years.

Other inductees for the night included:


1. Andrew Michael Arbaiz

2. Sammy Morales

3. Teo Pena

4. John M. “Bino” Gaona

5. Samuel Almanza Jr.

6. Peter Chavarria

Conjunto Progressive Band

1. Los Palominos

Johnny Arreola James Arreola Julio Arreola Jorge Arreola Jesse Arreola 2. Los Arias

Armando Arias Rolando Arias Arnold Arias Michael Herrera Fred Orosco Alma Fina Arias Male Entertainer

1. Eddie Gonzalez

2. D.J. Kane

Female Entertainer

1. Jennifer Pena

Javier "JV" Villanueva Lifetime Achievement Award

1. Alfredo Garcia

Pioneer Tejano Award

1. David Martinez

2. Jesse Rodriguez

3. Leon Santos

Big Brass Band

Los Peppers de Victor Garza

1. Victor Garza

2. Ely De Hoyos

3. Jerry De Hoyos

4. Mario Maldonado

5. Jesus “Chuy” Gonzales Jr.

Million Dollar Band


1. Michael James Lopez

2.Jose Michael De La Rosa

2. Antonio P. Cortez Jr.

3. Luis "Louie" Medina III

4. Chale Castillo

5. Richard Barron

6. Jason Lara


1. Luis Pacheco

2. Frank "Ruben" Torres

3. Oscar Villanueva

Bajo Sexto

1. Rene M. Rodriguez

2. Eddie Perez

3. Jorge Marin

Bass Guitar

1. Domingo “Mingo” Garcia

2. Alejandro Elias

3. Michael R. Saenz

4. Jerry A. Pena

5. Ruben Perez

6. Martin N. Rodriguez

7. Arnold De Los Santos

8. Trino Galindo Jr.

9. Oscar D. Ramirez


1. Homero M. Mireles


1. Cecilio Poncio Rodriguez

2. Florencio F. "Lencho" Palacios


1. Luis Castillo Jr.

2. Manuel Rendon

3. Andy Viera

4. Joe Torres

5. Mark Weber

6. Isaac L. Riojas

7. Chris Rodriguez

8. Joe Borrego


1. Noe A. Esparza

2. Ramundo "Ray" Castillo

3. Louie Martinez

Greg Paredez Bajo Sexto Award

1. Armando "Cuate" Salinas

Sound Engineer

1. Oscar Lopez

2. Patrick Martinez

3. Noe Gallegos

Amadeo Flores Accordion Player Award

1. Alberto Tijerina

2. Pablo Martinez Perez

Armando Marroquin Sr. Historic Hall

1. Club Sofia

Special Recognition Award

1. Jesse De La Garza

2. Mary Jane Segura

3. Reynaldo Reyes Jr.