SAN DIEGO - First thing Wednesday morning Abel Cantu, who police believe murdered his wife, had a bond hearing.

During the bond hearing, the Justice of the Peace revoked his pre-trial bond and remanded 41-year-old Cantu back into the custody of the Duval County jail.

According to Duval County Assistant District Attorney Kelli Palmarozzi, the pre-trial bonds revoked stemmed from the previous charges of aggravated kidnapping, unlawful restraint, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary of a habitation with intent to commit other felony from incidents that Cantu picked up in Dec. of 2018.

On Friday, Jan. 4, Cantu was re-arrested and charged with the murder of his 36-year-old wife Jessica Cantu who was found in her home on the 100 block of East Luby Street by her son. He was also charged with a violation of a protective order.

According to police officials, Jessica Cantu, a mother of five, was found with her throat slashed in her bedroom. Police conducted a search of Jessica Cantu's bedroom and found evidence that pointed to Abel Cantu as the suspect.

Abel Cantu fled the murder scene. He was located on County Road 130 off of Business Highway 281 in Jim Wells County with a self-inflicted knife wound to his throat, according to police. Abel Cantu was taken via Halo Flight to a Corpus Christi hospital. He was interview by law enforcement officers.

Abel Cantu was given a total bond of $505,000 on the murder and violation of a protective order charges.

According to Palmarozzi, even if Abel Cantu makes bond on the murder and violation of protective order charges he will not be released back in the public. Abel Cantu will remain in the Duval County jail until trial or plea agreement is made.

Abel Cantu does not have an attorney as of Wednesday morning.