HEADLINE: Halo-Flight - service to all

Accidents happen when one least expects it. They are not planned, but unfortunately they happen everyday. In South Texas when a horrific accident occurs and emergency care is essential, Halo-Flight is around to help.

Halo-Flight is a non-profit air ambulance organization that serves South Texas accident victims since 1987. They cover 28,000 square miles, 26 counties, in South Texas and provide medical transports for critically ill or injured individuals.

According to Jane Dare Haas, director of marketing, Halo-Flight completed 1,274 accident-free lifesaving missions to higher levels of medical care in 2018 regardless of the patient’s ability to pay for the service.

“Everyone who gets serviced by Halo-Flight is in a critical medical condition and sometimes it’s the only way for a patient to travel,” Haas stated. “Every person who has received a service from us, regardless of end result, has thanked us for our service at their time of need."

The organizations commitment to life-saving care remains as strong as ever, and to ensure a helicopter emergency medical service remains available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all South Texas accident victims, they must seek funds.

“Medical transport services are provided in our fleet of Bell Helicopters: three Bell 407 aircraft and our newest Bell 429 with IFR controls from our bases in Alice, Beeville and Corpus Christi,” stated Executive Director Tom Klassen. “Each flight is complemented by a registered nurse and paramedic medical crew duo, and an experienced pilot, creating an emergency room in the air for our patients.”

Caring for South Texas communities is Halo-Flight’s standard, and the care transcends flights, maintenance and obligatory requirements, Klassen said. Going above and beyond is the expected Halo-Flight way.

Halo-Flight has achieved a perfect 30-year zero-accident safety record, Haas said.

In order to continue providing services the organization needs donations from the community.

On Feb. 23, Halo-Flight will host their sixth annual Sky High Rollers Casino Night aboard the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. The casino night theme is Texas Chic. To sponsor tables call visit https://haloflight/org/events.sky-high-rollers-casino-night/.

For more information, contact Hass at 361-265-0509 or janeh@haloflight.org.