A narcotics officer and an eight-year veteran of the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department is being investigated after allegations of wrongdoing were made by his wife in an investigation by Alice police.

Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno said narcotic investigator Lt. Ernie Rivera was placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation and an investigation by the Alice Police Department, which has requested the assistance of the Texas Rangers.

The allegations stem from an argument between Rivera and his wife at their home in the 1300 block of Acadia Street Wednesday night. Alice police were called to the home because of the argument. The deputy’s wife said the couple was having “marital issues” and that he had broken her phone and pushed her when she tried to keep him from leaving the residence.

While talking to police, Rivera’s wife alleged that her husband uses drugs and led officers to a closet in the home where they found an evidence bag containing narcotics.

According to an Alice police report, Rivera's wife said her husband "would confiscate narcotics and bring the narcotics home for personal use" and that "she knows that he uses the narcotics because she has personally smoked marijuana with him."

Sheriff Daniel Bueno did not want to comment on the matter for fear of "interfering with the investigation." He did say that Rivera took a drug test Thursday and are waiting for the results.

Rivera was not arrested.