Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales held her first State of the County address last week in Robstown
at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds.
"We're gathered here today to talk about the overview of the county and the health of our fiscal
abilities. Also, I'm here to tell you the state of the county is good and getting stronger every day,"
Canales said.
Canales also used the address to unveil her ‘5 for 5’ plan. A list of five goals that she hopes to accomplish
in the next five years. Included in the goals are an improved Emergency Operations Center, instilling a
sense of quality of place, improved health outcomes, enhanced asset management and providing better
wages for Nueces County residents.
Canales defined quality of place as attracting small to medium size businesses to the county, not just the
industrial businesses which are feature prominently in the county’s economy. Improved health
outcomes involve ‘reinvesting our hospital district tax dollars’ and improving behavioral health care
access across the county.
Canales also discussed the county’s financial statements, which she feels show growth and
Around 800 people were in attendance at the luncheon.