NEW YORK, NY – The Fifty Best has once again turned its spotlight on Domestic Vodka. The Fifty Best recently hosted an American-made craft vodka tasting, where contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best Domestic Vodka” awards for 2019.

The Fifty Best is very pleased to announce that Wild Rag Mesquite Bean Vodka was awarded a Gold medal in New York’s 2019 "THE FIFTY BEST" DOMESTIC VODKA COMPETITION.

Wild Rag Vodka, distilled in Sandia, Texas, continues to put South Texas on the map. The vodka, which is made at the South Texas Distillery by Master Distiller and founder Royel Aguilar, is gaining national fame for its smooth taste and unique ingredients.

“On Wild Rag Vodka's third year anniversary, there's a lot to celebrate this July! It is very exciting to receive this Gold Medal for my Premium WILD RAG® MESQUITE BEAN VODKA. It’s the only Vodka of its kind in the World and it’s making its mark. In addition, to this great Gold Medal honor, we were also just locally voted number one distillery by the readers of 'The Bend! This really is a great honor,'” Aguilar said.

The distillery produces three types of vodka through a precision process, much of which is proprietary. Originally, Aguilar began to distill a vodka from pure cane sugar, thus leading to his original Wild Rag Vodka. But Aguilar always knew he wanted to produce something different, something that hadn’t been done before.

Using professional criteria, the pre-qualified panel of judges blind-tasted the domestic vodkas rating them individually on a one through five point scoring system, with five being the highest. After tallying the scores, medals were awarded based on the judges' impressions.

"Nose: Caramel, butterscotch candy, buttery, vanilla, cream, cocoa nibs, powdered sugar, cantaloupe, sweet grain, celery salt, nuts, potato skin, wet stone, savory. Palate: Milk chocolate, butterscotch, sweet cream, sugar cane, sweet pastries, sweet corn, melon, anise, pepper, spicy, rum-like, good body, crisp, mouth filling. Finish: Cocoa, bakery, coffee, kitchen spice, green pepper, creamy, soft, silky, smooth, deliciousness,” according to the competition judges.

Aguilar and his wife, Lupita, opened up the Wild Rag Tasting Room in Sandia. They are open Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. till 9 p.m. Aguilar hand makes his own cocktail ingredients and grows his own mint and other garnishes. His homemade Irish Cream is a hot commodity at the tasting room.

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