Patrick Callis was driving home from work last month when he spotted an unusual sight. He saw flames shooting into the sky, flames he estimated to about 20 feet high.

“I was coming home from a job in Alice,” said Callis, who works for One Hour Air Conditioning. “I thought a tree was on fire at first, but I slowed down to see that it was a building.”

A building standing next to a home was on fire and the homeowners weren’t aware. Callis pulled his truck over and alerted the homeowners. He didn’t stop at that, though. He helped the homeowner by hooking up his high pressure sprayer to the homeowner’s hose. Due to water pressure, the men could only use one water hose, but that didn’t stop them from almost getting the fire out.

Callis has a military background and served for years with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department, so he was able to remain calm in a situation that was easy to panic during. The homeowner and Callis fought the fire, which started in the bottom of an A-frame building and had made its way to the top. There is no word on what caused the fire in the first place, though Callis mentioned that high winds that day could have caused trees rubbing on the building, with a lot of friction.

By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the fire was under control, but still burning.

“When the fire department came, I left. I didn’t want to be in the way of the experts,” said Callis.

According to Callis’ supervisor, Mike Wendland, general manager at One Hour Air Conditioning, Callis is a genuine ‘good guy’ and is always concerned with homeowner safety.

“Patrick is always on the lookout for homeowner safety. He does that in his work everyday. Patrick was able to alert and help the homeowner. He is a very conscientious guy and we are lucky to have him on our team,” said Wedland.

Callis, a graduate of King High School, said he is always keeping an eye out for ways to help people.

“I have respect for everyone and always try to put others before myself,” said Callis. “But my wife did say I smelled like barbeque when I got home.”