The Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas recently made a ruling in the appeal made by convicted murderer Brian Mark Kopatz.

"In (Kopatz) habeas applications, (Kopatz) contends that the plea agreements were breached...," according to court reports. "This Court has made an independent review of the record. (Kopatz) fails to show that the plea agreements were breached or that counsel provided ineffective assistance concerning whether the plea agreements were breached. (Kopatz) also fails to show that counsel coerced his guilty pleas, had a conflict of interest, or otherwise provided ineffective assistance. Habeas relief is denied."

The writ filed by Kopatz claimed he received "ineffective counsel." On July 2, Attorney Jennifer Barrera Solis questioned Attorney Sam Fugate, Kopatz's court appointed attorney at his trial, in a short hearing.

In July, Judge Baldemar Garza, with the 229th Judicial District Court, made a ruling to deny a request filed by Kopatz. However, the ruling was filed by the district clerk who sent the writ transcript to the clerk of Court of Criminal Appeals as required by law.

Kopatz was convicted of three murders and an attempted murder in January 2000, at the age of 26. According to court records, he shot and killed three people and injured another person.

Kopatz went to a sports bar where he killed Jesus Vallejo Sanchez and Ana Hinojosa, and injured Jason Rodriguez. He also went to Duval County Commissioner Rene Perez's residence and shot the commissioner's wife, Alma Rosa Perez, who passed away in a hospital.

Koptaz was sentenced to three life in prison sentences for the murders and a sentence of 25 years for the attempted murder. However, Kopatz believed he was going to do 50 years maximum instead of the 50 years minimum to life for the murders.

The decision was filed on Wednesday, Sept. 11 with the 229th District Court from Duval County.