TLC Complete Care in Corpus Christi is giving away blue pumpkin baskets to support Autism awareness for the Halloween season. The blue pumpkins are a new way to alert Trick and Treaters and the communities handing out candy -the person holding a blue pumpkin is Autistic.

Autism is a disability that in 2018 the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined 1 in 59 children will be diagnosed. TLC wants bring awareness and knowledge towards autism so everyone will be able to enjoy in the fun of the holiday. The blue pumpkins can clue someone to avoid loud noises or have empathy if someone is non-verbal with the hopes of accommodating people with special needs and learning tolerance and embracing our differences.

The blue pumpkins will be available at TLC Emergency Care on 7330 S. Staples Corpus Christi, TX 78413- near Yorktown. TLC will be handing out candy on Halloween so if anyone wants to Trick or Treat or possibly Xray and piece of suspicious candy they're open 24/7.