The Nueces County 214th and 347th District Courts held a “Plaque Unveiling of Recognition” at the Nueces County Courthouse on Oct. 30.

County Judge Barbara Canales held a press conference honoring Judge Inna Klein from the 214th Court and her staff- Court Manager Gabriela Dennis and Court Administrator Marilee Roberts; and Judge Missy Medary from the 347th District Court and her staff -Court Manager Andrew Garcia and Court Administrator Marilee Roberts.

The two Nueces County Courts are the first in Texas to be recognized as Centers of Excellence for improvements in the areas of governance, data driven case flow management, court operations and fairness.

Judge Inna Klein was recognized for establishing a Felony Domestic Violence Court that has received grant funding from the Texas Council on Family Violence. Klein was also recognized for court improvements in regards to technology. Under her leadership the court website now promotes transparency with viewed dockets, local rules, logged complaints and a host of resources related to the district court and judicial administration.

Judge Missy Medary was recognized for being the first court in the state to create and sustain a child friendly witness room where children and juvenile witnesses can feel safe with court staff and during court proceedings. Medary was also recognized for her transparency with the courts website for posting all relevant and permissible court information.