The Coastal Bend Regional Water Planning Group for the Senate Bill 1 Regional Water Planning Program voted to approve the Port of Corpus Christi Authority (POCCA) to be included in their Water Management Strategy at the scheduled public meeting held Thursday, Nov. 14.

The Water Planning Group voted in favor 16-3 to include POCCA as an option to be included in the Region N 2021 plans for the La Quinta Channel Desalination plant and the Harbor Island Desalination plant. POCCA still has a process in permitting and public hearings before their involvement in the regional water plans are official.

"The POCCA is looking ahead for the future needs of water not just a few years down road, but a hundred years' and we are interested as a political subdivision of the area to due diligence and contribute with the efforts to support the growth in the coastal bend," said Dane Brunn, POCCA representative.

POCCA's interest in the water projects that include multiple multiplicities in the Coastal Bend include Nueces County and Jim Wells County.

The meeting held public concern from environmental groups from Port Aransas expressed their disagreement with the desalination plant at Harbor Island and the negative impact it will have on tourism, sea life and the environmental consequences to the beaches.

Part of POCCA being included in the Regional N water plan will provide Legislative funding to support the industrial growth the coastal bend is facing and the lack of water to support the industry and residential future needs.