Robstown native Bobby Marines, a well acclaimed artist is giving back to the "Robe" community, he once called home.

Marines is on a mission to raise and inspire the art consciousness in his hometown and is currently donating his time and resources by working on a mural on the side of the Lopez Handy Shop, with the help of some local people he knew "back in the day" from the neighborhood.

Marines, who is known for his mural in the Mall of America in Minnesota and established art exhibits in contemporary and commercial arts, has big plans for the Robstown community.

"I want to take all the tools and knowledge I have acquired over the years and bring it to Robstown and have art be catalyst for a positive change," Marines said.

Marines moved to Rochester, Minnesota in his early teenage years and has become a familiar name in the art world. He started painting cardboard dumpsters to electricity boxes in Minnesota- to now being well known and respected in the contemporary, commercial, and community arts. His creativity expands in multiple realms and believes art can create change and bring people together. His passion is to inspire the creativity in others and has decided to implement an artistic movement for the town of Robstown.

The mural is only one small aspect for the Dream Big Robe' plan. Marines donates his time to speak at schools and tells his story of struggles and change. He created a coloring book for Robstown ISD that gives the children an opportunity to learn about their roots. His community work began with the Robe' Art Blitz Festival this fall that showcased others and their talents along with his new #Dream Big Robe' clothes line. Marines plans on starting a Robstown Arts Committee- a non-profit organization with seated board members after the first of the year.

I want to show the community there's other ways to express yourself and other things to do with your time- using art as a catalyst to change and good things for the future," Marines said.