The City of Robstown held the "swearing in" ceremony for the city's new Mayor Gilbert Gomez, City Council member Cezar Martinez and Utility Board Trustee Roland Samaniego, Fri. Dec., 27.

The ceremony began with the swearing in of Utility Board Trustee, Roland Samaniego "I want to thank God for all us being here today and the support we received during the election, may God bless all of you and I promise to do my best.", said Samaniego.

The ceremony followed by swearing in Cezar Martinez for Council member place # 5 and ended with the city's new Mayor Gilbert Gomez.

"I want to be a mayor for the people and I want to be transparent." "I plan on being a full-time mayor, my wife and I are both retired and are blessed to have the time to give our selves full time to the community.", said Gomez.

Gomez worked for the Robstown Police Department for thirty-five years and said during the ending of the ceremony, " I want to do what is best for the city of Robstown, not only what is best for certain individuals." I want to make positive changes for Robstown and see a new Robstown."