Robstown city government held a meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16, which changed leadership roles for the city - as new Mayor Gilbert Gomez begins his term.

Residents voted to do away with the ordinance that established a city-manager form of government in November leaving city manager Herman Rodriguez with out a position.

Robstown will resume as a secretary-led government, as the city's charter was written. Gabby Garcia will assume the role of the city’s secretary- as interim for 90 days.

Marisa Garcia was appointed municipal court clerk. Council member Mary Ann Saenz replaces council member Joey Rodriguez as mayor pro-tem; LJA Engineering Vice President Victor Gutierrez replaces Jesus Jimenez as city engineer and Lt. Henrique "Ricky" Paredes Jr. was promoted to police chief, replacing Erasmo Flores.

Robstown Fire Chief and emergency coordinator Richard Gonzalez is one of the few who keeps his position, along with Municipal Court Judge Antonio Gonzalez.