Residents voiced their concerns Tuesday about the decision Alice city council members voted on last month, to close the $ 22 million-dollar Multi-Use Natatorium facility.

The issue has been a heated topic for city leaders, educators, students, parents and local residents since the oil business in area has declined and the facility has taken a financial nosedive and created an enormous amount of debt for the city.

Local residents Yolanda Moran and Cynthia Corrasco presented to city council members a petition with over 1,200 signatures from local residents wanting the Natatorium to stay open and for city leaders to find an innovative way to not waste the expensive state of the water facility.

"I’d like for the numbers to be more transparent for the public on the reasoning for closing and draining the pool, and I would like to see the numbers broken down per competitive pool, total operating costs, expenses and allocated with explanation on each budget line item," Corrasco said. "We, as taxpayers, are paying for the facility and paying for the closure."

Moran presented to council her concerns on the city council meeting time change to 4:30 p.m. during the citizen comments agenda time frame that is scheduled at the start of the city council meetings.

"It does not give our residents time to voice concerns to the council on important city related issues-local residents are still at work or in school at that time," Moran said.

City council leaders did not commit to adding the conversation on re-opening of the Natatorium to the agenda item for next months meeting.

Moran and Corrasco are hopeful their petition is heard and other options become available for the facility.