Police arrested 46-year-old Victor Trevino Jr. in connection with Monday night’s shooting on the 1200 block of San Felipe Street.    Trevino turned himself in Wednesday morning to the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and "is being cooperative with law enforcement in the investigation," according to Sheriff Daniel Bueno.    The arrest comes within the first 48 hours of the investigation. Investigators worked round the clock, with little to no rest, to apprehend Trevino.    According to sheriff officials, Ernesto Salinas, 49, and Trevino had an altercation when Salinas was shot in the face with a small caliber weapon which has not been recovered.   Deputies received a call at approximately 8:50 p.m. about the shooting. When they arrived they made contact with Salinas and two women at the scene.   According to witnesses, an argument between the victim and the suspect began over a car parked at the residence.
Neighbors heard several shots fired and went out to see if everything was okay.
Neighbor Erasmo Aguilar said he was in the shower when he heard several shots. When he went outside he saw the victim on the ground.   Aguilar and other neighbors said that there had been shots fired for several days prior to the incident. They also claim that the two men had been drinking during those nights.
The victim is in "very critical condition." He was transported to a Corpus Christi hospital via Halo Flight. 
The Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is working on the case with the Texas Rangers.
Trevino was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony. He was booked into the JWC jail.