David Bond, a local resident and young author is making a name for himself in the literary world, with his first published book named Work Hard, Pay the Price and Make it Happen.

Bond, shares his personal journey in grade school being diagnosed and learning to read and write with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Then, his major let down after college when he thought after graduation he would land a great job be successful and everything would go as he planned. He tells his story on the difficult trials he endured that left him pushing a lawnmower, going back to the basics of good ole hard work and finding the real nature of his success through the word of God.

Bond, a true entrepreneur at heart still maintains a landscaping business along with sharing his story to help others with a podcast called The Simple Mission and his first book that was published in February.

“This book is for the unsuccessful, lost, left out, overlooked and the one's that don’t know their purpose or mission in life,” said Bond.

The story is a true journey of failure to success through hard work and perseverance and shares his relationship with God and how he created a platform to help others in similar circumstances. Bond was proud to announce the book was picked up by amazon early last month.