A local coastal bend resident is filming an anti-bully short film in Alice this month, and featuring local students as actors in the short film titled I’ve Got Somewhere to Be.

Aundrea Victoria Salinas is the master mind behind this creative endeavor and has a passion to stop bullying in schools and endorse young people to start being kinder to one another.

"I've had this idea for 15 years because I was bullied in school and the issue is dear to my heart. My hopes is to create a short film for local schools to present to students to help create kindness," said Salinas. "I'm a hairdresser by day and my ideas came together with the help of a few clients that I do hair for. I put together my ideas and received help from a screen writer to write the script for a short film."

Salinas, has interviewed a few directors and found a perfect fit with two San Antonio men that share her passion and mission to reach people on the harms of bullying. Jason Rivera and Raymond Ramos have worked on other short films focusing on anti-bullying in the past and will add their expertise and experience to the local film.

The film will include leading roles with Bria Escobar and Ember Cavazos from Alice High School, Elizabeth Munoz from San Diego and Azalya Gonzalez from Kingsville. Filming will start at the end of the month in Alice with the hopes of creating a change towards unity and kindness among local youth.

Salinas, is still seeking extras for the short film ages 15-18. If interested, you can reach out on FaceBook under the film title I’ve Got Somewhere to Be.