The ever-changing electronics market means that many households are frequently shopping for new computers, televisions, and other electronics. But one downside is that these devices are not fit for our landfills. Several years ago, the State of Texas created the Texas Recycles Program to deal with this growing about of electronic waste.

A new report from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sheds light on a unique program in our state to deal with electronic waste. Rather than throw your old TV or computer in the trash, the State of Texas operates a recycling program through major computer and television manufacturers. The report indicates that, the two programs together, have collected more than 278,521,514 pounds of computers and televisions being collected. Nearly 266,000,000 of those pounds have been recycled, and the rest reused.

Yet, Texans have many opportunities to recycle their computer equipment and other electronics outside of the Texas Recycles Computers program. Collection events coordinated by municipalities, local nonprofit groups, private recyclers, and community-oriented businesses are additional ways Texans can recycle their computers. Since some of the recyclers do not report to TCEQ, the agency’s reported number does not fully represent all recycling activity in Texas.

If you have an old computer or television that needs to be recycled, you may visit to see a list of manufacturers.