There is no denying the economic hardships local businesses are facing while facing the national pandemic of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

The recent decision Governor Greg Abbott mandated to restrict Texans from dine- in eating at restaurants and hanging-out in bars has left many businesses in the service industry financially devastated.

To help subsidize that hardship Governor Greg Abbott signed a waiver early last week on certain regulations that will allow restaurants to deliver alcoholic beverages with food purchases to patrons, including beer, wine and mixed drinks. The TABC waivers are in response to the financial hardship caused by COVID-19, that have directly affected the hospitality business in Texas.

The waiver reads.....Under this waiver, effective immediately, restaurants with a mixed beverage permit may sell beer, wine or mixed drinks for delivery as long as they are accompanied by a food purchase from the restaurant. "The State of Texas is committed to supporting retailers, restaurants and their employees," said Governor Abbott. "These waivers will allow restaurants to provide enhanced delivery options to consumers during this temporary period of social distancing."

Although, the effort is to help subsidize the closures, the TABC laws are misleading, they only allow alcohol for delivery to be sold in the manufactures bottling.

Many of the local restaurants that are selling mixed drinks and margaritas in styrofoam cups, are outside the guidelines under the TABC waiver.

Chris Porter from the TABC Public Information office stated, "The Governor’s waiver allows mixed beverage permittees which are operated as restaurants to sell alcohol to-go alongside the order of food. The alcohol must be in its original, manufacturer-sealed container. This would preclude the sale of mixed drinks such as margaritas unless they are pre-produced by a manufacturer and are in their original container."